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Southern Superstars

Achieving Milestones in Legends League Cricket Debut

In their inaugural season in the Legends League cricket, we proudly assisted the Southern Superstars in achieving a remarkable reach of 1 million+ users, demonstrating a significant impact on their digital presence.

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Southern Superstar Logo


  • Wider Audience Reach: Our focus was on extending the team’s visibility to a broader demographic.
  • Brand Awareness: The goal was to introduce Southern Superstars, making audiences cognizant of the team’s existence.
  • Community/Fan base Creation: Building a robust community and fan base was identified as a critical objective.

Brand / Client Goal

As a nascent team in the league, the primary challenge was to garner maximum attention and establish a strong foothold.

Work Done

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Paid Ads

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Content Production

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Creative Visual

Live Event Coverage, Influencer Outreach Programs (Both National & International), Photo & Video Content Production and also the creation and monitoring of Paid and Organic Campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google.

Our work in numbers

Audience Reach
0 M+
Profile Visits
0 K+
0 K+
Southern Superstar Practice

Strategic Approach

  • Implemented targeted social media campaigns to reach diverse user segments.
  • Crafted engaging content to showcase Southern Superstars’ unique identity and offerings.
  • Facilitated interactive initiatives to cultivate a strong sense of community among fans.

Pre-season Campaign

During the preseason, our primary objective was to comprehensively cover draft events, introducing the newly selected players, and showcasing various significant happenings, including the unveiling of the team logo and jersey launch. In addition to these pivotal moments, our coverage extended to include engaging practice videos, captivating photographs, and the creation of compelling countdown creatives to build anticipation and excitement among our audience.

Southern Superstar Practice
Southern Superstar Practice

Season Campaign

Throughout the season, our strategic Match Day Anticipation, Behind-the-Scenes Engagement, and Fan Interaction campaigns meticulously orchestrated to elevate excitement, fortify player-fan bonds, and foster a vibrant community have borne significant fruit. We curated real-time social media updates, captivating videos, and trending content, accompanied by engaging Q&A sessions and exclusive giveaways, all contributing to a richer and more interactive fan experience.

Notably, our efforts have translated into remarkable success, with a staggering 3M+ total video views, 40k+ profile visits achieved. Furthermore, we have seamlessly collaborated with our players and influencers, amplifying our reach and reinforcing our commitment to delivering an unparalleled fan engagement journey.

In tandem, our strategic advertising campaigns have played a pivotal role in driving increased footfall and profile visits, ensuring a wider reach and deeper engagement with our diverse audience.




The concerted efforts culminated in Southern Superstars not only overcoming the challenges of being a new entrant but also achieving a remarkable reach of 1 million users throughout the season. The team’s ascent, aptly captured by the “Keeprising” slogan, solidified their position in the Legends League cricket landscape.

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