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International Film Festival of India (IFFI)

Creating 35+ Million Impressions for IFFI in 1 year


Brand / Client Goal

Through the social media handles of the  International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the aim was to create the maximum impact and visibility for the festival, not just within India, but also globally, on the internet. This, in turn, to increase the film entries and delegate registrations.

Work Done

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Paid Ads

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Content Production

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Web Development

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Creative Visual

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Live Event Coverage

Live Event Coverage, Influencer Outreach Programs (Both National & International), Photo & Video Content Production and also the creation and monitoring of Paid and Organic Campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google.

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Pre-Festival Campaigns

Before the event begins, the primary goal of ours was to raise optimum awareness for the same with video campaigns that spoke about what the festival holds in store for film lovers from around the world and how it has become a landmark for Goa. Apart from these, we also created Reach ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook using short teasers that showcased the highlights of the festivals previous editions.

Campaigns During the Festival

Two of the campaigns that gave us the most number of hits during the festival were the Influencer Outreach Program and the ones on Twitter. First comes the Influencer campaigns, where in order to multiply the reach of the festival, we collaborated with Film critics and cinema fanatics from around the world to speak about the cinematic gems that are being showcased at IFFI. As for the Twitter Campaigns, we got the festival hashtag to trend on Twitter during its inaugural and closing ceremonies by sticking to a unified Hashtag and Handle that was used for communications across all the partner handles as well as the handles of the celebrities who attend that edition of IFFI.


Post-Festival Campaigns

Right from the daily highlights from IFFI to some of the important content shot at the festival that could possibly go viral, we made sure there was a constant surge of content on all the platforms of IFFI. While we did so, it attracted the attention of various fan clubs and tributary pages of the celebrity whose content was being shared, thus garnering us more and more impressions with each passing day.

Tribute to Manohar Parrikar

While bringing IFFI to Goa was an official decision, it was Late Shri. ManoharParrikar who gave credibility to that decision.
And there is no better way to pay a tribute to him than at the 50th edition of the very same festival.

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