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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business And Beat Your Competetion

Instagram is for businesses what Youtube is for musicians. A way to potentially reach thousands or even millions of users online.


Justin Bieber’s Youtube video performing in a local singing competition was noticed by talent manager Scooter Braun. And that’s how Justin Bieber was discovered.

Now Justin is global music sensation and is worth millions.

How about Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and 5 Seconds of Summer. They all got their big breaks because of Youtube.


Tools like Youtube, Instagram and Facebook may be just way to pass time for most people, but for businesses,  they’re portals to the world of untapped user base.


Only for two reasons people ignore this opportunity: Ignorance and laziness.


Then they wonder why they’re not as successful as they imagined. They wonder why people aren’t aware about their brand and why the potential customers buy from the competitors.

The answer is simple. You’re doing something wrong. And in this case that something is not utilizing instagram to grow your business.


How Instagram helps your business


If you watch TV or have ever been in a room with a TV on, sooner or later you’ve been exposed to the endless ads of various national and international brands. They are mostly silly and ridiculous, but still the viewer is bombarded by them several times a day.

Have you wondered why these giant brands spend ridiculous amount of money on getting slots on expensive TV time? Why they have a huge budget on marketing?

The answer is exposure. People are likely to buy what they are familiar with. Would you buy surf excel or a detergent you never heard of?

They want their products to be in the minds of people. And that works. Inspite of the silly ads people buy those products.


You don’t have to spend millions on making ads and getting prime time TV slots to get exposure. Social media is your friend.


Instagram being your best bet to get exposure because it’s focused on images, and images stick in the mind. Studies show that we remember #TK


Growth Gravy’s Experience with Instagram

We love Instagram. We swear by it’s effectiveness in growth of a brand, and we never ignore it’s power. We constantly work on the latest methods growing traffic and engagement. For us Instagram is like girlfriend who is lucky for us, we send her pictures, we give her proper attention, and we keep up with her latest trends. In return she generously shower us with love and followers.


Our accounts have anywhere from 27,000 thousand to over 1,00,000 followers on instagram, but as we’ve learned more is not always better. You don’t want to focus on getting as many followers as you can, rather the right kind of followers.

Follows don’t mean anything if they don’t engage.


GrowthGravy has grown Instagram accounts in Goa from 0 to 25,000 within 9 months. We promote various local activities, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions in Goa with the help of our Instagram Network which is over 150,000 people.


We have even recently launched an Instagram Page for the Panjim City. We love our city. It’s where our office is, and we think the beauty of it must be shared with everyone. We’ve got over 8,000 followers for it.

What is Instagram & how it can be a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy


Instagram is a visual platform which allows users to post photos & videos. Just like Facebook, you can follow your friends, tag & message them. You can also share behind the scenes action at your business via Instagram Stories.


As a business owner you can initiate relationships with your target customers directly.


There are over 700 Million Instagrammers worldwide who post & engage with content regularly. Ask yourself one question: If even 1% of this number show an interest in your business – could it make a difference in your annual turnover?


If you’re reading this post, you’re smart and ambitious. You want to grow, so your answer is probably yes.


And if you are convinced about the power of Instagram you must be wondering how to do it. After all if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

That’s what we’re here for. We know this stuff like the back of our hands and we’ll share it with you. Keep reading.


Before I get into details, remember this: Content is King!


That’s rule #1


Write it down.